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Susan Clark Art Gallery
Susan Clark has been drawing and painting for most of her life, seriously for the past five years or so. She has taken workshops from two members of the Western Rendezvous of Art, Jim Lamb and Josh Elliot, as well as other notable local artists.
Susan says, "There are similarities between painting and my radio work. I try never to underestimate the ability of the viewer - or listener - to 'get it.' It doesn't matter if I'm telling a story, or painting one about the thunder in the distance on an afternoon in summer, the describing the yearning in the eyes of a young woman. People easily relate to thesethings, and I am always seraching for the humanity we can all relate to.
"It's easy in portraits, since they evoke emotion or personality. But landscapes also invite you to walk along a path others have enjoyed, or meet a rancher who looks after his corner in paradise. And who can view a painting of an animal, or hear a story about a pet, without recalling your own story?
"It seems there is a unique 'soul print' everywhere I look, and it's my joy and passion to attempt to portray this. What a challenge!"
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Two Dogs


Dogs Eye View

Sunrise on the Gulch

Hanging Rock



Morrain Lake